20 Best Online Earning Apps for Students Without Investment – Earn Money Easily

Updated: 06 May 2024


Today’s digital era allows students to make extra income without investing heavily. Various earning apps enable students to generate funds without incurring costs, whether funding education or expenses or simply adding some spending money. These apps provide a convenient and flexible way of finding students’ best earning apps. This article will discuss the 20 best online earning apps for students and show how to utilize them effectively to earn additional cash flow.

20 Best Online Earning Apps

Discover the top 20 online earning apps offering diverse opportunities for generating income conveniently from your device. Explore various platforms for freelancing, surveys, microtasks, and passive income streams.


Upwork is an established freelancing platform that offers students freelance job opportunities. It connects clients looking for your expertise with you as a student, from writing and graphic design to programming and digital marketing. Upwork is the best earning app without investment.

Best Online Earning Apps


Fiverr is an invaluable platform for students looking to monetize their creative skills. Organized around “gigs,” Fiverr allows users to offer specific services in different categories, including writing, graphic design, video editing, and voiceover. Students can set their prices and packages when offering these tasks that interest them. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing apps for students.


Swagbucks is an award-winning rewards app offering many ways for users to rack up points or “Swagbucks.” From participating in surveys and watching videos online to searching the web and shopping online, students can use Swagbucks seamlessly as part of their daily routine and earn money online without investment.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie provides students who enjoy sharing their opinions and insights platform for using a free earning app without investment. The app matches you with surveys tailored to your profile and interests. You can participate in these surveys and contribute to market research and rewards. With its user-friendly interface and regular survey availability, Survey Junkie offers an attractive way of making extra cash online.


InboxDollars is a flexible platform designed to enable students to earn money through different tasks, such as reading emails, taking surveys, watching videos, or playing games. Although these activities may appear leisurely at first glance, they can lead to actual earnings through InboxDollars.

Best Online Earning Apps


UserTesting presents a rare opportunity for tech-savvy students passionate about user experience and design. The platform enables you to test websites, apps, and products and provide valuable feedback to companies and developers. As a student, how to earn money online without investment enhances your usability testing and UX evaluation skills, which may prove instrumental for future employment prospects.


If you are a student interested in photography, Foap provides a creative platform to monetize your skills. Through uploading and selling photos on this global marketplace, individuals and businesses seek authentic images, making Foap an appealing opportunity for student photographers to earn apps without investment.


Dosh is a cashback app that rewards students when purchasing at partner stores and restaurants. Link your payment card and earn back a percentage of purchases as cash. This passive earnings method effectively lowers overall costs.


Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is another cashback app explicitly designed to encourage online shopping. Through its platform, Rakuten offers students access to multiple retailers to help earn cashback on purchases made online.


It is an app that connects people who need tasks completed with those with the skills to do them. As a student, you could offer house cleaning, moving assistance, virtual support, or anything else through TaskRabbit. You could earn money while offering your services.

Best Online Earning Apps


Ibotta is a cashback and rewards app for grocery shopping. Students can earn money simply by scanning receipts after purchasing eligible items at participating stores. Its user-friendly interface makes this an efficient way for students to save money while earning rewards!


Acorns offers students an alternative approach to saving and investing: rounding purchases up to the nearest dollar and investing any leftover change in diversified portfolios. Over time, these micro-investments could add up and provide future income potential.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online platform offering short tasks, or Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), that you can complete for pay. As a student, these tasks could range from data entry to content moderation and transcription.


Turo gives students with vehicles an innovative opportunity to make money by renting them out to others. This peer-to-peer car-sharing platform lets you monetize your car when unused, creating income without an upfront investment!


Decluttr is an ideal way for students to declutter their living spaces while earning extra cash. The app makes selling old tech items such as phones, CDs, DVDs, and games quick and straightforward, helping tidy up your environment and offering you income from items that are no longer necessary.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie offers music enthusiasts an exciting opportunity to earn money while reviewing songs and sharing their opinions. As students, you can listen to tracks by emerging artists and provide essential feedback while earning yourself some additional cash in exchange. Your contributions shape the industry while being compensated financially for your time and thoughtful criticisms.

Best Online Earning Apps


Honeygain is an innovative app that lets users make passive income by sharing their internet connection with its network, helping companies gather data for market research and web optimization. Students can download it onto their devices and profit passively.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research offers students a reliable stream of paid surveys to complete. By sharing your opinions on various subjects, you can earn cash rewards. Its user-friendly survey interface and secure payment system make Pinecone Research an attractive option for anyone hoping to make extra cash without investing money.


Slidejoy enables students to quickly make money through ads on their phone’s lock screen. Every time you unlock it, ads appear, generating passive income that can help students build passive wealth over time. This app turns a routine activity into passive earnings for them!


Mobee offers students an interactive way to earn money through mystery shopping tasks. This app assigns missions at retail stores and restaurants for you to visit; after each experience, you provide feedback. Mobee then rewards you with points redeemable for gift cards or PayPal cash.


Students have multiple opportunities online to find the best earning app for students without investment. Earning apps offer flexible ways to generate income without investment, such as writing, designing, or sharing opinions. When exploring these options, remember to manage your time efficiently and set realistic earning goals while remaining vigilant against scams.


How do you earn 50 rupees per day?

Earning 50 rupees can be achieved through various online platforms and apps offering micro-tasks, surveys, and other activities. Here are a few methods you can consider:

Micro-Tasks on Apps: Apps like Microworkers, Clickworker, and Amazon Mechanical Turk offer small tasks you can complete for a small payment. These tasks could include data entry, image tagging, content moderation, and more.

Online Surveys: Platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars offer online surveys that pay you to share your opinions on various topics.

Cashback Apps: Some apps, like Dosh and Rakuten, offer cashback on daily purchases, helping users accumulate small amounts of money over time. Freelancing Gigs: If you have skills in writing, graphic design, or programming, you can offer your services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to earn a consistent income.

Which app is best for students to earn money?

Several apps are suitable for students to earn money based on their skills and interests:

Fiverr: Great for students with creative writing, design, and digital marketing skills.

Swagbucks: Ideal for students who want to earn through surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

Upwork: Suitable for students with freelancing skills in various domains.

TaskRabbit: Good for students who can offer services like household chores, moving assistance, and more.

UserTesting: Perfect for students interested in providing feedback on websites and user experiences.

Which Pakistani earning app is real?

In Pakistan, several legitimate earning apps can provide opportunities for making money:

RozDhan: Offers tasks like reading news, referring friends, and playing games to earn money.

JazzCash: You can earn through referral programs, online shopping, and completing offers.

CashMall: Offers cashback on shopping, along with referral rewards.

SnackVideo: You can earn by watching, sharing, and uploading short videos.PakLancer: A freelancing platform for Pakistani freelancers to offer services and earn money.

What app can earn free money?

Many apps allow you to earn free money through various activities:

Swagbucks: Offers rewards for surveys, watching videos, and using their search engine.

Ibotta: Provides cashback on grocery purchases after scanning receipts.

Honeygain: Earns your passive income by sharing your internet connection.

Mistplay: It lets you earn gift cards by playing mobile games.



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